FV-TUNA.COM Gloucester Fishing Charters

New Bigger Boat 2015,40 Giant Tuna landed in 2014

Captain Dave Carraro
Captain Dave Carraro has a invaluable 36 years experience fishing the East Coast, Bahamas and Mexico. His specialty is Tuna and Cod fishing which is what he spends most of his time doing.   One of his most recent years best was 2015 with 63 Giant Tuna landed and to date has 10 giants over 1000 pounds and many other years just as close, 55 Giants In 2011 and 43 in 2013 for the last few years alone. Nothing can surpass a proven track record, year after year we continue to put our customers on the fish.  Most boats don't even catch but a few giants in a lifetime.  Not every day of fishing always yields a spectacular catch with some days better than others, but Dave will guarantee you he will give you his best effort to catch as many fish as you possibly can even if it means staying out longer or traveling further.  He is 100% dedicated to giving you a great day! He holds a U.S.C.G. 100 Ton Masters License (#1039410).
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Captain Sandro Maniaci
Captain Sandro Maniaci has spent years honing his fishing skills. From fishing on local ponds as a kid too fighting giant tunas his fascination, passion, focus, determination and never give up attitude, has led to his success on the ocean. Sandro has been a crew member of the F/V Tuna.com for six years and Sandro attributes much of his success to fishing with Captain Dave Carraro. Sandro considers Captain Dave to be one of the best tuna fishermen on the east coast. Each time they are out at sea, Sandro learns something new from Captain Dave to improve his craft. In order to continue to challenge himself, Sandro has obtained his Master Captain’s license. Over his short six years fishing for Tuna, he has caught numerous 1,000 pound tuna. In fact, the first tuna he caught was over 1,000 pounds. He has had many battles with tuna lasting several hours. Not only an avid tuna fisherman Sandro loves to fishing the bottom for cod and haddock or sit inshore and catch big striped bass and bluefish. You can always find him out on the water chansing the next big bite.

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About Fishing

Striped Bass & Blues
May through October
Cod & Haddock April through October
Giant & School Tuna
June through November

About You
  • Bring waterproof shoes or boots
  • Bring warm clothes even if it is forecast to be warm.
  • Bring sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Bring food and beverage (no hard liquor).
  • Bring coolers, but leave in your vehicle.We have plenty of storage.
  • Be well rested for a great day of fishing!

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