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Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters

Gloucester Massachusetts is centrally located to some of the most productiveBluefin Tuna Fishinggrounds that New England has to offer.  Gloucester is the perfect choice for your Bluefin tuna fishing charter due to the close proximity to all of the North, East and South fishing grounds in the New England area which include Jeffries Ledge, Tillies Bank, Stellwagen Bank, and Cape Cod Bay just to name a few.  Gloucester is in the middle of all the productive waters of New England which equates to the shortest ride out of any port, which means more time fishing and more choices of fishing grounds to choose from.

A typical bluefin fishing charter begins with a 1-5 am departure depending on what trip you book and arrives back after the allotted time. All bluefin tuna fishing charters are 11 hours minimum (full day), 15hours minimum (marathon day) or 2 days for our hardcore fishermen.   Travel times are always short from the port of Gloucester with times averaging between 45 minutes to 2 hours.  No other port in New England can offer you such short ride times to so many different tuna fishing grounds.  Fishing times vary between 7 to 10 hours depending on the ride time, the type of charter chosen and the productivity of the day.  If we need to stay longer or travel further, we will!  We have a Large and fast new charter boat and can get anywhere quickly if we need too.

A typical catch can vary greatly with each charter.  Some days we have up to 10 bites and other days we have no bites, however we are one of the most productive tuna boats in New England!  Our past track record speaks for itself.  Our best year was 2011 with 52 giant tuna and 50 plus mediums landed and that does not include all the ones lost and to date have 8 giants over 1000 pounds and many other years just as close to our all time best. In 2010 we had 41 giants and 50 plus mediums.  As for school tuna each year, there are too many to count!  And yes, there are days we don't catch tuna, but we do give it 100% effort every day.  We will stay longer or travel further if we have too.  You will call it quits before we do.  The majority of the school tuna we catch are between 180 and 220 pounds and are getting bigger each year with their return.  2011 should be an interesting year!  A successful day is one nice 200 pounder in the boat or maybe a 1000 pounder if your lucky and up to it!  It does often happen so be ready.  If we do land a giant tuna(s) it will automatically become property of the boat (per NMFS) and we will give you 15% the sale (after fuel) of the tuna to a maximum of the charter fee paid.  Check out our tuna fishing reports and videos from some of our bluefin tuna charters.

For our hardcore fishermen we offer a two day giant tuna adventure ($4000) limited to 4 persons.  

Technique varies, some days as is often we are kite fishing and jigging on the anchor and other days we are trolling. 

Fishing the kite when the wind permits is the most exciting bite you will ever see!!!  Watching a tuna, giant or school, launch out of the water chasing a bait hanging from a kite just a few feet from where you are standing is something to see.  That alone, as some of our tuna charters have said, even though they lost the fish was worth the trip!  You have to come and see for yourself.  While the kite is doing the job of keeping the bait just on top of the water you will not just be watching, but jigging.  Two rods working is the norm, one on each side just under the boat.  Hang on to the rod because when you least expect it...you're on with the drag screaming and the long battle begins! 

Trolling for bluefin tuna can vary with using baits or trolling artificial lures.  We prefer using baits as they are most productive, but it takes lots of time and experience (31 years) to do it properly.  Typically we troll 4 to 5 rods.  If you are watching the baits or lures, it also is an amazing bite to see but you are not as close as you are on the kite bite.

Bluefin tuna fishing begins in June and ends at the end of sometime in November even though we caught a giant tuna on December 5th this year.  The best bluefin tuna months are difficult to say as we do catch the entire season, but if I had to choose I would choose August through September.  We had many days with double and triple headers and up to 6 fish being released in the August through September time period.  On many of our tuna fishing charters if you're not too tired from cranking the handle for hours, we will stop on the way home and load up on cod!  We had amazing tuna and cod combo charters the last couple of years. 

To book today call us at 412-759-3584 or email at tuna.comcharters@yahoo.com

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