Striped Bass Fishing Charters / Blue Fishing Charters

Gloucester Massachusetts is a perfect location for  Striped Bass Charters and Blue Fishing charters.  The Island of Cape Ann offers a striped bass and blues fish haven due to the rocky shoreline which surrounds the Island.

What To Expect On A Bluefish and Striper Charter our of Gloucester

A typical striper and bluefish charter begins at anytime of the day, morning or afternoon.  All Striper and blues charters are either 8 hours minimum (full day) and 4 hours minimum (half day or sunset).  Travel times are very short, with the shortest ride fishing right outside the marina to 15 minutes being the furthest.

Fishing Techniques For Stipers And Blues

Light tackle is in order to catch these big and strong fish.  Most of the time we fish for stripers and blues on the anchor and other times we fish for them trolling.  It’s not uncommon to have mutiple double and triple headers at one time for striped bass or blues.  Check out our striper and bluefish charter fishing reports.  The average size striped bass is around 20 pounds with many weighing as much as 50 pounds and for bluefish the average weight is around 10 pounds.  A striped bass and bluefish fishing charter is your best choice for a relaxing, scenic and family fun fishing charter!

Striper fishing charters usually begins sometime in May and runs through October, while the blues show up later in the month of August to join the stripers.

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