The morning tuna charter from New Hampshire and New York started with the first bait on the kite in the water for about one minute when a 300 plus pound giant piled on the bait.  In about two minutes time he had stripped all the line off the TLD 30 reel and it was time to move on.  About one hour later we had our second tuna on and pulled the hook after a short time.  Around 10:45 AM we had our third tuna on that took us for a long ride and about an hour later the hook once agained pulled not to far from the boat.  And that’s the way the day went, lot’s of action but we never did close the deal.  Still no one in the area and we will be out the next two days for another two more tuna charters.

The afternoon cod charter all the way from Albany NY had great success with drop and reel fishing on some of my favorite inside spots .  The first stop was non-stop action with bent rods as soon as they hit the botton as were all the other drifts.  Every drift produced many cod with lots of doubles.  All scrod and market size fish were in the box ready to go home for good eats.  A very good afternoon it was!

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