July 14th was a great day with 13 bass being caught with the biggest around 35 pounds, with the rest in the 20 to 30 pound range.  Also several other were released and lost.  Pretty good action for a half day of fishing!

July 20th was one of the best days this year.  We did two half day charters catching our limit of 8 huge bass on each trip!  The smallest fish was 45 inches which is about a 30 plus pound bass and the others were even bigger in the 45 to 48 inch range up to 40 pounds.

July 21th was not as good with only 3 bass in the 25 to 30 pound range for the half day.

July 22nd was very slow with only 2 nice bass caught for the half day.

July 23rd was an amazing day with fish under the boat before we even set the anchor.  While we were waiting for the anchor to come tight we hurried to get the first two rods on their way out and after just seconds the bass piled on and we had our first double of many double headers to come.  Fishing was so good we lost count after 20 fish and figured we caught around 25 or so.  All the bass were anywhere from 24 to 39 inches with all being released except 3 for the table.

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