Apparently the boat does better without me on it and Captain Junior and Conga are better putting the guys on the fish or was it we just had good NJ fishermen onboard today? I’m going to say it was good NJ bottom fishermen possibly coached by Leif and Howie for my sake.

Today the guys went out with strong winds and rough seas and managed to work hard, fish all day and put together a good catch of fish on the same place as the day before! Still not huge numbers but much better than the other two days with over two boxes of fish. It sounds like they had a hard time keeping the cod off the hooks in order to catch the haddock. The ride home was a bumpy one, but there were plenty of fillets along for the ride.

Thanks to all that fished with us today and we will see some of you again in April!

Haddock fishing should continue improving as the water warms. We have plenty of openings for haddock prior to April 16th when cod season begins if anyone wants a haddock date.

Give us a call or email for some early season fishing.

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