Today we had out Captain Don Hager former owner of the party boat Sea Fox from New Jersey who wanted to get in on some good tuna and cod action.  It did not take too long after our arrival, within one hour we had fish under the boat.  Soon thereafter two rods lap over and we had a double.  While fighting the two fish my deckhand Sandro dropped another rod in the water and and now we had a triple.  The bite was on!

The rest of the day went the same way with non-stop action.  By noon everyone was exhausted from turning the handle.  For the day we caught 5 and lost 2 for a total of 7 hookups.  One fish was for eats and the others were released.

One quick stop was made at the cod grounds for 3 quick drifts with cod covering the bottom.  As good as it was no one could reel any longer and went home with about 20 or so market size cod.

Not too bad of a day!!!!!

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