Today we had another stellar tuna trip with return customers from last year.  Not too long after we set up we had our first bite!  After about 45 minutes of chasing the 200 pound fish around the hook pulled and it was time to get back to work.  About and hour later we had another 200 pound fish pile on the kite bait and a short while later the hook once again pulled.

It was some time now with no other bites and no fish swimming under the boat.  It was time to go home, but I decided to stay late not wanting to come home empty handed.  We agreed 2pm was going to be the departure time.  At 1:57, with 3 minutes to go, 2 maybe 3 tuna piled on the kite bait and we were on with the drag screaming.  In about 5 minutes we had the harpoon in the fish and it was time to go home.  A little extra time paid off and there was plenty of steaks for the grill.

Another great day!!!!

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