The TUNA.COM had many return customers coming back for some of the best tuna fishing we have experienced in many years.  It was a very busy season with the boat sailing almost every day with perfect weather and fishing.  We caught tuna on almost every charter and if we did not. we either lost one or two or saw them and could not get a bite.  There were very few days where nothing happened, but even on those days you could go down to the bottom and bring home some cod.

During the 2010 tuna season the TUNA.COM caught 41 Giant Tuna and lost another 15 or so, with the best day hooking 6 and caught and estimated 50 School Tuna and lost too many of them to even want to mention.  The largest Giant Tuna was approximately 900 pounds, with the majority around 500 pounds and the school tuna averaged 200 pounds.  It was and will be a season to remember and we will be looking forward to next season with the arrival of even bigger school tuna.

Thanks to all of our repeat customers and hope to see some new faces for the 2011 season.

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