768_Cod_05-11_002Today we had our 4th successful open boat trip with a mix of cod, pollack and haddock.

The morning started out with a good bite on large market and large cod with fish all over the bottom. The only problem was there was not much room to work because of the gill nets that were all over. We did get a few real nice drifts in before a gill netter set right on top of us and that was the end.

We moved further south and things looked real bad with no fish coming over the rail for some time. Soon thereafter, we found a bunch of fish and worked them the rest of the day with rods bending non-stop and fish coming over the rail until it was time to go home. There were many throw-backs but there was also lots of keeper cod, large pollack and a few haddock.

If was a great day with lots of fillets taken home.

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